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  • Non-GMO Project verified with Ginger, Chicory, Licorice and other herbal ingredients
  • Gives you reliable, consistent and gentle bowel movements with no Senna or Cascara*
  • Supports your bile production and the normal alkaline environment in your intestines*
  • Provides gentle, non-habit-forming and non-irritating digestive support*
  • Gluten Free. Also free from Corn, Wheat, Soy and Dairy

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If you’re seeking gentle, reliable colon cleansing and relief from occasional constipation, and you don’t want the purging and cramping of other herbs you’ve tried, Himalaya’s ComfortCleanse with no Senna and no Cascara is safe, effective, and provides non-habit-forming support.*

The Licorice in ComfortCleanse supports normal gastrointestinal function by soothing and coating the digestive canal, Ginger provides support for occasional upset stomach, and Chebulic myrobalan, part of Triphala, is famously known throughout history for its digestive support.*

Gluten Free
No Wheat
No Soy
No Corn
No Dairy