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About Us

Our Mission

Unite costumers and corporations and transform business practices in alignment with regenerative systems to support the health of people and planet.


Herbsio Store helps you understand the vital role nutrients play in the body, the frequency and dangers of nutrient deficiency and insufficiency, and how you can shop wisely to get the nutrients you need in your diet and through supplementation to help you achieve optimal health and prevent acute and chronic disease.


Herbsio Store also connects you with the opportunity to enrol in our consumer-based nutrient studies, where you can measure and track your levels of key nutrients and compare your results and health status to larger groups and populations – all from the privacy and convenience of your own home. Collectively, we are changing the way health care is delivered by demonstrating how nutrients change health care status.


Herbsio Store deals in a choice of natural health products and nutritional supplements that we proudly stand behind. We do a range of products, which cover manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling that product – from beginning to end – to your home kitchen cupboard. Our sourcing and quality control teams pay careful attention to each ingredient sourced from locations around the world.